Prosistel PST-33 Tri-band Yagi

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PST-33 Triband Yagi



   Construction detail of the traps. Copper coil on fiberglass insulator


Small trapped 3-element tri-band yagi, covering the 10-15 and 20m bands. The independent traps give the antenna better performance in terms of band-by-band adjustment, useful bandwidth, gain and front-to-back ratio. The kit for 40m is available on request, but although it also allows operation on 40m as a rotary dipole, when installed it deteriorates the directivity on the other bands as happens on all other similar antennas that use additional kits. Very robust construction, with stainless steel bolts, the highly insulated copper wire traps with fiberglass supports, allow use even with powers up to 2KW pep ssb.

For optimal operation, we recommend mounting it at a height of at least 4-5m from the ground.


- Gain: 6-8 dBd                                                                                   

- Impedance: 50 ohm                                                                           

- F/b: 20m 6-8dB, 15m 8-10dB, 10m 18-20dB approximately                                                

- Front side: >20dB                                                                             

- ROS: band extremes within 1:1.8 (see graph)                                    

- Boom length: 4m                                                                           

- Rotation radius: approximately 5m                                                                   

- Wind area: 0.6m2                                                                                  

- Weight: approximately 18kg                                                                                      

- Accepts mast: 48mm (standard) or 60mm (optional)                           

- Material: AL6060T6, stainless steel bolts.                                                


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