Kelemen DP-4080-H 2KW dipole bands 80 and 40 M. Length 32 meters

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Kelemen dipole DP-80400-H 2KW
Bands 80 and 40 M. Total length 32 meters
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Kelemen Antennas are wire antennas with traps based on Teflon insulated coaxial cables.
- Resistant: to solvents such as acids and alkali
- Non-flammable: (Resistant to temperatures from -90° to +260°C)
- Elevat: ozone resistance
- Resistant: to water infiltration
- Low: vapor permeability aqueous (0.31 mg/cm3 for 24 hours)
- Unlimited durability: durable to bad weather
- Small: space requirements at high voltages
Coaxial traps are very light in comparison compared to traditional traps, they allow a greater average height above ground. Many portable operations prefer these antennas because a simple pole Fiberglass is often enough to lift the antenna. The traps Special Kelemen antennas have a high Q and therefore low losses. All baluns They are equipped with an installation attachment.
Kelemen Antennas are made from high quality materials high quality. All cast parts are milled from durable polycarbonate to bad weather; all hardware, such as screws, washers, nuts and zip ties are in stainless steel. The baluns are bolt-on, clear polycarbonate case and they are not filled with plastic insulating material like other baluns. This makes the production of these baluns much more expensive, also because we have to Still make baluns weatherproof, but this method has an advantage clear: in the event of an 'accident' it is possible to repair the balunda alone. And it is much lighter than other conventional baluns.
Included in the package: Ready-to-use antenna incl. balun with PL socket and incl. insulators.
Kelemen antennas are made for power loads 200-2000 watts, depending on the model

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