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    AOR ARD-300 Decoder demodulator of digital voice signals DMR dPMR NXDN and amateur digital modes by Icom Alinco
    AOR ARD-300 Decoder demodulator of digital voice signals DMR dPMR NXDN and amateur digital modes by Icom Alinco

AOR ARD-300 Digital Voice Signal Demodulator Decoder DMR dPMR NXDN and Amateur Digital Modes by Icom Alinco and

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DMR dPMR NXDN digital voice signal demodulator decoder and amateur digital modes from Icom Alinco and Yaesu

There are fewer and fewer signals that can be received with a traditional analogue receiver. Modern digital transmissions have taken over and are establishing themselves as an alternative to analogue ones. The most enthusiastic listeners have already noticed this for some time. The problem is certainly very felt and until now there were no adequate commercial solutions. AOR today offers a digital voice decoder capable of enhancing the classic analogue receiver. This is the ARD-300 multi-digital voice decoder which connects to the IF of the analogue receiver and decodes communications in digital format. ARD-300 allows you to decode digital communications in DMR format (Digital Mobile Radio MOTOTRBO Motorola), ICOM DSTAR GMSK AMBE, ALINCO GMSK AMBE, YAESU C4FM, DCR, dPMR, NXDN, APCO-25 (phase 1, conventional mode). In short, all amateur, professional and military digital formats currently in use. The large eight-character two-line LCD display and the selection keys on the panel allow quick and simple configuration of all operating modes. It is obviously compatible with all AOR receivers but can be connected to any receiver as long as it has an IF output at 10.7 MHz or 45.05 MHz. It works with the 12 volts supplied by a special adapter supplied. It has a high power internal speaker, 700 mWatt @ 8 ?, which when connected to the audio output of the receiver allows easy listening of both analogue and digital signals. The ideal accessory to "rejuvenate" our analogue radios.

  • Powerful and versatile decoder/demodulator of digital voice signals!
  • Decode DMR, dPMR, NXDN and the most popular amateur digital modes from Icom, Alinco and Yaesu.
  • Decodes APCO P25 voice signals, used for example by diplomatic services or US military services
  • Compatible with the AR8600MK2, AR5000(A/+3), AR-ONE and the new AR2300, AR5001D, AR6000 AOR receivers.
  • it is supplied with a power cable with connector for AOR and without connector for external power, IF cable, audio cable, manual in Italian and now with a 3-year RADIO-line warranty!
  • It supports receivers of any other brand as long as they have a 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz output! (*1)
    technical features

    Supported standard modulations and vocoders







    YAESU (*2)



    DIGITAL CR (*3)



    NXDN (*4)



    dPMR (*5)



    P25 (Phase 1)



    DMR (*6)



    IF input

    10.7MHz or 45.05MHz ? @50Ω


    DC 10.7 ? 16V 450mA

    Audio output

    200mW @ ? 8Ω with internal speaker


    103 x 180 x 45 mm (W x D x H)

    Accessories supplied

    Open DC cable, DC cable, IF cable, audio cable, manual in Italian

(*1) not all third-party receivers have been tested,
(*2) V/D mode only,
(*3) Japanese standard “Digital Convenience Radio” (351MHz),
(*4) only supports 6.25kHz mode, does not support 12.5kHz mode,
(*5) only supports dPMR446 and Tier 1 mode.
(*6) Implemented with V.409C firmware, Tier 1 & 2 modes, unencrypted.
Other company names and trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective companies. Designs and characteristics are subject to change without notice due to production improvements or modifications

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