YAESU FTDX101MP with speaker-line power supply, 200W

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HF/50/70MHz SDR-hybrid transceiver with 7-inch touch-screen display, 200W + Speaker/Line power supply


FT-DX101MP Yaesu, with the new “FT-DX101? expands the range of high-class HF transceivers. In the venerable tradition of the FT-101B, FT-101E, FT-101ZD of the 70s and 80s. Yaesu continues this tradition with the FT-DX101MP (200W).

The technical design of the FT-DX101 line is a fascinating hybrid of cutting-edge direct sampling SDR technology and classic, proven down-mixing technology. On the one hand the RF signal is directly sampled and digitized behind the preselector filters, as is typical for a high-end SDR, on the other hand the signal from the preselector itself is broken down into IF at 9 MHz, then digitized and processed in that phase. This dual-track approach offers many possibilities: it is possible to visualize typical SDR characteristics such as a spectrum (up to 1 MHz) and a broadband cascade, at the same time it is possible to achieve the typical selectivity of a high-end receiver without compromises. This classic receiver track uses a Roofing filter in the IF stage at 9 MHz, the filter width of 12 KHz, 3 KHz or 600 Hz is selected automatically or manually.

The excellent capabilities of the receiver are also supported by a complex preselection system. Yaesu has designed 15 fixed bandpass filters, supported by a continuously adjustable variable capacitor filter (VC Tuning). This VC filter is tuned automatically or manually, uses a miniature precision stepper motor. This filter inserts up to -70 dB of attenuation into adjacent, unwanted signals. The result is an exceptional blocking dynamic range (BDR) of 150 dB away from the signal 2 kHz, in a dynamic range of 120 dB (RMDR, Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range).

To support all variations of DX traffic on HF, the FT-DX101 has two equivalent and independent receivers (Main and Sub Band). Each receiver is equipped with Yaesu's renowned noise reduction and filtering system. For example, it is possible to select individual notch and noise filters for each receiver, with independent and separate filter widths. The display can be switched to show two spectra and/or waterfalls at the same time, either side by side or on top of each other. The two independent receivers offer Yaesu's signature stereo AF output, you can have the main and sub bands separated on one stereo headphone.
The Yaesu FT-Dx101 is also a successful mix of proven and new ideas in terms of control elements. The legendary FT-1000MP transceiver already had a VFO knob with an additional external tuning ring. This ring is now also found in the FT-DX101 and offers easily switchable functions: Fine Tuning on the Main VFO, Tuning on the Sub VFO, VC Tuning and Clarifier. The large color touch-screen display is used for many other functions which can be accessed via virtual keys. By touching the spectrum it is possible to directly change the frequency, touching the frequency allows direct input of the same, etc. The display can be adapted to personal taste in color and representation. Yaesu is also breaking new ground when it comes to band selection. The keys are clearly arranged next to each other and the 6m and 4m bands have their own keys. The colored LEDs above and below the band keys indicate the respective assignment of the main and sub VFOs.

FT-DX101D: 100W transmit power, without power supply, requires 13.8V, 22A.

Some of the most striking features are as follows:

o Superb and shocking close-in dynamic range performance, capable of guaranteeing maximum performance even in large pile-up situations.
o 9MHz IF Roofing filter capable of providing excellent band cutting.
or 400MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer).
o Hybrid SDR: Direct Sampling & NBW (Narrow Bandwidth) SDR.
o Two completely independent receivers.
or VC Tuning Front-End of the highest quality.
o The renowned YAESU Noise Reduction System.
o Highly precise 7” color touch display.
or 3DSS (Three Dimension Spectrum Stream) Waterfall Display.
o Active band indicator with LED lighting of the operating band, allows quick band change.
o MPVD (Multi-Purpose VFO Outer Dial) allows secondary VFO functionality, clarifier, VC-TUNE adjustment, VFO fine tuning or a function of your choice (CS).
o Operational range from 160m to 10m + 6m + 4m.
o 15 Band filters in addition to the continuously adjustable preselector.
o All operating modes: LSB, USB, CW, RTTY, PSK, AM, FM (+ Data Modes).
o 18-bit A/D converter.
o Clarifier operating in Rx and Tx.
or Split.
or TCXO +/- 0.1ppm.
o Automatic CW tuning.
or RTTY, CW, PSK31 Decoder.
o 99 Memories with 12 character alphanumeric labels.
or 5 or 10 quick-memories.
or 9 pairs of memories for within-bounds scanning.
o Internal speaker for the “D” version.
o External speaker for the “MP” version, included in the power supply.
o SD card slot.
o DVI-D connector for external monitor.
o RS232 serial interface.

Features announced for the stunning Yaesu FTdx-101D include:

* High class 100 or 200w 6W transceiver from 160 to 6 meters
* SDR Technology with Real-time Waterfall and Spectrum Scope
* Precision color display with large touch panel
* Two receivers with independent control for the serious contester
* Active band monitor
* General RX coverage
* High-Q VC Tuning Front End
* 32 bit IF DSP and digital noise reduction
* DSP Auto Notch
* Simple operation with intuitive menus


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