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    Davis Instruments Vantage PRO 2 radio weather station

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 radio weather station

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Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 radio weather station


Vantage Pro2 radio weather station

Strengths and details

  • Radiation protection shield
  • FHSS frequency hopping mode
  • Up to 100 graphs representable on the display


Now with Vantage Pro2 our weather stations are even better. The first and only stations in their price range that use frequency hopping methodology (FHSS)
for data transmission. They send and receive data up to a line of sight of 300 m, which is the length of 3 football fields! Contain all depth and height values (and/or sums or averages)
for almost all weather variables of the last days, months or years and their weather forecasts - all without the aid of a
PC. They are equipped with an innovative
integrated sensor unit
which combines precipitation detector, air humidity and temperature sensors and a wind meter in one device
facilitating the assembly of the device and improving its performance and reliability.
Our Vantage temperature sensors have an accuracy of ±0.5°C (1°F) and the accuracy of outdoor humidity sensors
is ± 3%. In real situations, however, solar rays and heat reflected from roofs or road surfaces can
generate significant differences. The integrated radiation protection shield (weather cap) offers
significant protection.
Build your custom weather station by adding one or more sensors. All Vantage Pro2 weather stations are capable of receiving data from eight different broadcast stations.


  • 24 hour viewing
  • Date
  • Sunrise and Sunset
  • Configurable weather variables
  • Air pressure trend
  • Precipitation rate day/month/year
  • 5 weather symbols
  • Maximum/minimum values per day/month/year
  • 70 programmable alarms
  • 4 special alarms
  • Up to 100 graphs representable on the display (without PC)
  • Displays that may appear on the station depending on the optional sensors: evapotranspiration, foliage humidity, solar irradiation, amount of UV rays, UV index, water and soil temperature, wind/air humidity/temperature index
  • Visualization in connection with Weather Link software: growing degree days and solar energy.

Included in delivery

  • Console with network adapter
  • Sensor unit with precipitation meter, sensors for air humidity and temperature and wind speed meter
  • Transmitter.

Technical data

  • Compass rose: 22.5°, 16 compass directions
  • Precipitation rate: 0 to 1999.9 mm
  • Dew point: -76 do +54 °C
Internal temperature 0 to 60 °C
External temperature -40 to +65 °C
Indoor air humidity 10 do 90 %
External air humidity 0 do 100 %
Atmospheric pressure 660 do 810 mm, Hg: 880 do 1080 mb, 880 do 1080 hPa
Wind speed 1 at 67 m/s, 3 at 241 km/h
Precipitation 0 do 9999 mm, year: 0 do 19999 mm
Max. number of sensors 8
Max. flow rate 300 m
Sensor size 280 x 230 x 340
Station voltage supply Power supply, included, Batteries 1/2 Flashlight (C) (3x), to be purchased separately
Sensor voltage supply CR123 format, included
Base station size 240 x 150 x 35mm
Wind cooling -79 to +54 °C
Dose of UV rays 0 to 199 MEDs
Days degree of growth Day 220 G-days, total of 19999 G-days
Temp/humid. index air/wind -68 to +64 °C
Soil moisture 0 to 200 cb
UV Index 0 to 16
Evapotranspiration 999.9 mm, month / year 1999.9 mm
Wind direction 0 do 360°
Land or water temperature -40 to +65 °C
Page humidity 0 to 15
Sunlight 0 to 1800 W/m²
Solar power PC:1999.9 J/cm²
Outdoor temperature humidity index -40 to +57 °C


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