1258MkIIs FT-857 kit - FT-857 station remote control system

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Remoterig 1258MkIIs FT-857 kit


RRC-1258MkIIs v7 FT-857 is a package with hardware and software for the Yaesu FT-857.
The control cables are included and no strapping is needed, only IP-configurations etc.

The ordinary Remoterig RC-1258MkIIs v6 and earlier versions can be used with home made cables and some mods on the pcb.

Included in the package is:

Control-RRC RRC1258MkIIs v7
Radio-RRC RRC1258MkIIs v7
USB cable
Power cables (2 pcs)
Mic strap pcb (2 pcs)
Control cable Y9a (2 pcs)
Mic cable FTP Cat5e

Pinheader for WiFi unit is in place


Data sheet

1258MkIIs FT857
Station monitor
Compatible brand
Station monitor
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