Yaesu DR-2XE Digital Repeater C4FM-FM Dual Band double reception 144-430 MHz

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DR-2XE Digital repeater C4FM-FM Dual Band double reception 144-430 MHz

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Yaesu DR-2XE
C4FM/FM Heavy Duty Dual Band digital repeater with 144/430 MHz dual reception
The Yaesu DR-2X is a conventional, dual-receive C4FM digital/FM dual mode repeater covering the VHF and UHF amateur radio bands. DR-2X integrates the use of conventional FM communications with digital C4FM communications thanks to its unique AMS function

Features of DR-2X
• Modulation mode: conventional FM, digital C4FM
• The AMS (Automatic Mode Select) function automatically recognizes the received signal as digital C4FM or conventional FM
• 3.5 inch color touch panel
• High RF output power, extremely reliable: 50W/20W/5W
• The microphone connector on the front panel is intended for repeater transmitter testing and allows use as a base station
• Advanced Features: Control I/O port on the rear panel allows connection to the “S-COM 7330” repeater controller (controls up to three (3) DR-2X units)

DR-2X Exclusive Features:
• Dual reception function
• Improved “News Station” feature that lets you share voice and text messages with members
• Group Monitor function that facilitates setting up groups
• Stable and high output power with large heat sink
• Commercial-grade components for long-term reliable operation
• IMRS (Internet-linked Multi-site Repeater System) function for simple coverage of a large area via the Internet (option)

C4FM offers excellent audio quality and reliable communications
C4FM modulation has better BER (Bit Errar Rate) characteristics than other digital modulation systems and ensures reliable communications. YAESU Digital clear Voice technology for C4FM uses a bandwidth of 12.5 kHz which enables high-quality voice communications.

FM compatibility for digital communications with AMS (Automatic Mode Select)
System Fusion allows the connection between all users operating in different modes. In System Fusion this is possible thanks to AMS. The AMS function automatically recognizes the signal as digital C4FM or conventional FM, then the DR-2X retransmits it in the preset communication mode.

The dual receive function ensures flexibility of operation
The unique DR-2X Dual Simultaneous Receive Repeater allows the control operator to assign an additional frequency for repeater control, emergency message transmission, or for a simple second uplink frequency. The control operator can also assign separate downlink frequencies based on the uplink frequencies.

Group Monitor function
Yaesu's revolutionary Group Monitor feature allows you to quickly and efficiently track numerous assets by viewing telemetry and signal strength data from members who share the same Digital Group identification number.

Improved “News Station” function
Groups or individual users can quickly store and retrieve digital audio and text messages. Users can access messages on demand, at any time of the day.

Simple setup (3.5 inch color touch panel display)

Image of IMRS (Internet-linked Multi-site Repeater System) for wide coverage use (option)
IMRS (Internet-linked Multi-site Repeater System) allows the repeater operator to connect multiple repeaters to a Wide-Area-Network (WAN) or a Local-area-network (LAN), due addressing the reliability shortcomings of Wide Area Network (WAN) connections, such as the Internet, the DR-2X integrates direct connectivity between repeaters, offering a wide variety of network environments and ensuring high-quality digital and analog communications, even where any other solution is inadequate.

Advanced features
The control I/O port on the rear panel can be connected to the “S-COM 7330” repeater controller. This controller can manage up to three (3) DR-2X units, offering control of programmable beep, timer, access modes and other functions.

Other characteristics
• Possibility of mounting on 19" rack
• High stability ±2.5 ppm TCXO
• DSQ (Digital Squelch Code) signaling
• CTCSS and DCS signaling
• Announcement ID (Voice Mode: Requires FVS-2)
• Operation as a base station
• TOT (Time Out Timer)
• Firmware updates


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