RPC-8-IN-ONE Multiple programming cable for Motorola, Yaesu, Kenwood etc.


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Cavo programmazione multiplo per Motorola, Yaesu, Kenwood

Tipo: 8 in 1 usb cavo di programmazione
Adatto per il 90% delle radio portatili nel mercato e anche per veicolari.

Compatibile modle:
  • M: handheld radio come per motorola axu4100, axv5100, commander 245, cp040, cp125, Cp140, cp150, cp160, cp180, cp185, cp200, cp340, cp360, cp380, ct150, Ct250, ct450, ct450-ls, ep450, gp2000, gp2000s, GP2003, gp2100, gp308, gp3188, Gp3688, gp3689, gp88s, p020, p030, p040, p080, pacer inoltre, pr400, Pro2150, pro3150, sks 245, sp66, e vl130 ecc.
  • K: handheld radio come per kenwood th-f6, th-f7, th-g71, TH-K2, TH-K4, tk-, Tk, tk, tk, tk-, tk, TK-2201, tk-, tk-2206, tk-, tk-, TK-249, tk-, tk-, TK-255, tk-, tk-, tk-, TK-270G, TK-272, g tk, Tk, tk-, tk-, tk-, tk, tk-, tk, tk, TK-3160, tk-, TK-3202, TK-3206, tk-, TK-3301, TK-340, TK-349, tk-, tk-TK-355, tk-, Tk-, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-372, TK-373, g-tk, tk-TK-378G, tk-TK-431.
  • Hyt: TC-268, s, TC-270, TC-270S, tc-, tc-368s, tc-TC-370S. Relm: RPU416A, RPU499A plus, RPV516A, RPV599A plus e alcuni tipi di tyt, quansheng, Puxing, linton, wouxun e baofeng, e la maggior parte cinesi radio di marca: kst radio: v6, Uv-f89, uv501, k568, k8900, k6900, n8, n6. Ecc
  • Linton radio palmare: lt-2288, lt-, LT-6288, lt-, lt-, lt-, LT-3260, lt-, Lt-/6188.
  • Puxing: px-, px-, px-328, px-k, px-, px, px-, px-, Px, PX-555, PX-628
  • Weierwei: s, vev-3288d, vev-v1000, vev-v16, vev-
  • Wouxun/surecom radio palmare: kg-, kg-plus, kg-uvd1p
  • Quansheng: tg-uv2
  • Baofeng: uv-5r series, bf-, bf, bf-
  • Tyt: th-uvf1, th-f5, th-f8
  • I: handheld radio come icom IC-208E, ic-, IC-2100, ic, ic-2725e, IC-2800, Ic-3fgx, IC-40S, ic-a110, ic-a23, ic-a24, IC-A24E, IC-A3, ic-a4, ic-a5, ic-a6, IC-A6E, ic-e208 ic-, IC-E7, ic-e90, ic-f10, ic-f1020, ic-f11, ic-f11s, IC-F12N, f12sn, Ic-f15, ic-f15s, ic-f1610n, ic-f20, ic-f21, ic-f21s, ic-f22, ic-f22s, IC-F22SR, ic-f25, IC-F25S, IC-F25SR, ic-f3, ic-f3gs, ic-f3gsn, ic-f3gt, ic-f3gtn, ic-f3s, IC-F3022TN, IC-F34GT, IC-F34GS, ic-f4, ic-f4gs, IC-F4GSN, IC-F4GSW, ic-f4gt, IC-F4GTN, IC-F4GTW, ic-f4s, ic-f4tr, IC-F4022T, IC-F4029SDR, IC-F43G, ic-f44gt, IC-F44GS, ic-f7000, ic-fr3100, ic-fr4100, IC-GM1600E, ic-m21, Ic-m31 ic-, ic-m33, ic-m421, IC-M503, IC-M503E, IC-M505, IC-M601,-m603, IC-M71, IC-M90E, IC-P7A, ic-r10, ic-r2, Ic-r20, ic-r3, ic-r5, ic-t2a, ic-t2h, ic-t3h, ic-t7a, ic-t7h, t8a, ic-t81a, Ic-t81e, ic-t90a, ic-v8000, ic-v8, ic-v8a, ic-w32a, ic-w32e.
  • H: handheld radio come hyt TC-1600, TC-2100, TC-2108, TC-2110, TC-446, tc-, TC-518, tc, tc, tc-, tc, TC-700ExPLUS.
  • Y: handheld radio come la maggior parte dei tipi di yaesu, vertex ft-10r, ft-40r, ft-50r, ft-60r. Ecc
  • Vx-1r, vx-10, vx-110, vx-130, vx-131, vx-132, vx-14, vx-150, vx-151, vx-152, Vx-160, vx-17, vx-180, vx-2r, vx-210, vx-210a, vx-3r, vx-300, vx-400. Ecc
  • A: handheld radio come per motorola mag one a8, a6, a10, bpr40, e MP300.

Compatibile conradio veicolari:
         Rj-8 pin spina:
  • M: maxtrac mobiles, maratrac mobiles, desktrac mobiles, Sportbase mobiles, radius mobiles, lts mobiles, gtx mobiles
  • Gm300, gm140, gm160, gm338, gm340, gm350, gm360, gm380, gm600, gm640, Gm660, gm950, gm1280 ecc
  • Gr300, gr400, gr500, gr1225 ecc
  • Mcx600, mcx760, mcx780 ecc
  • Cdm750, cdm1250, cdm1550, CDM1550.LS, CDM1550.LS + (senza remote kit di montaggio installata)
  • Pro3100, pro5100, pro7100 (senza remote kit di montaggio installata)
  • M10, m100, m200, m300, m400, m860, m1225 ecc
  • Lcs2000


  • K: TK-7102/TK-8102, tk-/TK-8108
  • TK-740/TK-840, tk-750
  • TK-705/TK-805, TK-709/TK-809, TK-706/TK-806, TK-706D/TK-806D
  • TK-752/TK-852, TK-759/TK-859, TK-940/TK-941TK/840/TK-940, TK-841/tk-, tk-715/TK-815, TK-705D/TK-805D, TK-630/TK-730/TK-830/TK-930, TK-709/TK-809, TK-6110K, TK-6110K2 serie Ecc

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Cavi programmazione & CAT control
Compatible brand
Cavi programmazione & CAT control

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