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    MFJ-1707 B automatic RX-TX antenna switcher with RF sensor

MFJ-1707 B automatic RX-TX antenna switcher with RF sensor

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Sometimes it is necessary to use separate antennas for reception and transmission. To example could be used to transmit an efficient vertical on 80 m, ed a beverage-type directional antenna for receiving. The automatic antenna switch MFJ-1707 serves exactly this purpose. Just connect the transceiver, the antennas for reception and transmission, the power supply - and you're ready! The sensor Built-in HF (Vox RF) switches immediately from the receiving antenna to that of transmission. As an alternative to the vox RF vox it is possible to use a cable for switching PTT. Upon releasing the PTT, the switch returns to the receiving antenna after a adjustable delay time (waiting time). This delay protects for example a very delicate antenna preamplifier. An additional switching contact signals the status of the switch, useful for blocking other devices. The commutator automatic antenna MFJ-1707 can be used with any mode. The max. power And 200W SSB PEP. A 12 V DC power supply is required, the same can be used transceiver power supply.

Switch size: 101 × 66 × 38mm.

RF detection for radios that don't have it of tx keying during transmission.
Good insulation between doors transmission and reception.
Good SWR characteristics up to 450 MHz.
Control line input for keyed radios out.
An AUX output that can be set to ground to mute or open to mute to mute sound for other devices.
Bypass switch off which sets the transmitter to the TX antenna
A delay switching time adjustable from 50ms to 4 seconds

Connections and controls
REC Connection for the receiver.
ANT connection to the antenna.
XMTR Connection to transmitter.
AUX connection to the receiver mute terminal.
CTRL Connection to the PTT or KEY line of the transmitter.
+ Connector 12V power supply
DELAY RX the delay adjustment.
Maximum power 200W PeP


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Commutatori d'antenna
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Commutatori d'antenna

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