ECO ANTENNAS UU91 - UN-UN 1:9 magnetic for long wire Watertight version

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A-A magnetic for long wire Watertight version

A-a ratio 9:1 150 watts

Go in the air with just a few meters of line..!
It can be used efficiently reduced to 150 MHz

The UU91T is a 1:9 ratio transformer. It reduces the high impedance of a short wire in a range that can then be tuned by a common tuner. The balun must be placed directly on the wire antenna connection

The UU91 is then connected to the tuner via coaxial cable, the ROS will be less than 3:1, and losses will be low.

The antenna length must be at least 6m. The earth connection must be Good. If no ground is available at the balun, at least the TRX must be connected to mass. If necessary, place a common mode filter before the balun. Yes it can use a counterweight instead of the ground connection.
The UU91 can be used not only with a wire, but with any metal object, water pipes, gutters, CB antennas (in this case, remove from the antenna before use the matching elements). The UU91 is also a great tool for experimenters...
Obviously, it can be used in transmission, max. power of 150 W PEP.

For SWLs, the UU91 is an ideal accessory: a simple connected wire to a receiver has a very poor and inefficient coupling with the MTFT coupling will be much improved. There is no need to add a further unit of agreement.



Data sheet

Balun & Isolatori
150 Watts
Compatible brand
Balun & Isolatori

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