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    BHI Dual In-line - DSP module for noise cancellation
    BHI Dual In-line - DSP module for noise cancellation
    BHI Dual In-line - DSP module for noise cancellation

BHI Dual In-line amplified DSP noise cancelling in-line module.

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  • Remove noise and hear clearly with this fully functional DSP noise canceling unit

    Flexible DSP noise cancellation unit with high-performance audio processing
    The bhi Dual In-Line Amplified DSP Noise Canceling Module It is made of impact-resistant black ABS plastic. The module uses a powerful high-performance audio processing system and unique DSP noise cancellation technology to distinguish speech signals from noise and interference. This results in clear, intelligible speech under most conditions. Your listening experience will be greatly improved with processed speech sounding much clearer and intelligible without all the noise, especially when trying to listen to weak signals.

    Easy to use controls
    The Dual In-Line is easy to use with simple rotary controls and switches. There is an input level control with LEDs and separate output level controls to adjust line level and speaker output levels. You can listen with headphones, a passive mono speaker, or powered speakers. Noise canceling operation is simple with the filter on/off switch and an 8-position rotary switch to set the noise filter level. There's also a switch that lets you separate or combine input signals.

    Choice of connection options
    The Dual In-Line accepts 3.5mm mono or stereo connections, and there are three different output sockets: 7-Watt mono speaker output, line-level stereo output, and a 3.5mm stereo headphone output. This flexibility allows you to connect up to two mono inputs or one stereo input and up to three separate outputs. The unit is supplied with 1 ALD-007 stereo plug to plug cable, 1 ALD-001 3.5mm mono plug to plug cable, user manual, rubber feet and a DC powder cord with fuse. You may want to consider a separate 12V DC power supply with mains plug such as the Worldwide PSU-12-2A-WW . Suitable for use with all radios, receivers and SDRs The Dual In-Line module accommodates both speaker-level mono/stereo and line-level stereo audio input signals. Powered speakers can be connected to the stereo "Line Out" socket and a passive speaker can be connected to the 7W amplified mono "Audio Out" socket. You can listen with headphones and a mono speaker simultaneously, making the unit ideal for DXing, club stations, special event stations and field day events. The Dual In-Line module is a direct replacement for the obsolete bhi NEIM1031MKII but with the latest bhi DSP noise cancellation technology and more features.

    Boost your audio
    Why not boost your receive audio even further and use one of our EQ20 parametric equalizer units 10W with your Dual In-Line unit ? Simply connect the "Line Out" signal to the EQ20's input and connect your passive speaker or headphones to the EQ20's output . You will be able to optimize the audio based on your hearing. This is especially helpful if you have hearing loss.

    Read Thoma Witherspoon's excellent review on QRPer.com K4SWL


    • Powerful high-performance audio processing system
    • Latest bhi dual channel DSP noise cancellation technology
    • Ultra low latency of 32 mS
    • Improved audio quality: Processed speech is much clearer and more intelligible
    • Use with mono, stereo or two separate mono channels
    • 8 levels of noise filter - noise cancellation from 8 to 40 dB
    • Great flexibility: Accepts speaker-level and line-level audio
    • Separate amplifiers for stereo headphone and 7-watt mono audio
    • Rotary controls and switches for quick and easy operation
    • Use with headphones, passive speakers and powered speakers
    • Dimensions: L165mm x W78mm x D50mm
    • Unit made of impact resistant black ABS plastic


    Operating Voltage : 10 to 16 VDC (800 mA nom, 2.5 A max)
    Audio Input: Input – Stereo (Audio 1 – Plug Tip, Audio 2 – Plug Ring)
    8 Ohms at 2 Watts
    10K Ohm at 600mV pp
    Audio Outputs: Headphones/Small Speakers – 0.5 + 0.5 Watts into 8 Ohms
    Speaker – Greater than 6 Watts into 8 Ohms
    Line - Stereo 600 Ohm up to 0 dBV
    Ultra low latency of 38 mS
    Connections: Audio inputs - 3.5 mm stereo jack socket Outputs
    line and headphones – 3.5 mm stereo jack socket
    Mono speaker output – Mono jack socket from
    3.5mm Power 2.1mm Coaxial Power Jack Center Pin = +Ve
    Controls: Audio input level
    Combined/separate signal switch
    DSP filter levels 1 – 8
    Noise suppression: 8 to 40 dB
    Tone suppression: up to 65 dB
    3 positions - Off/On/DSP Noise cancellation activated
    Audio output level (mono speaker and headphones - 3.5mm mono connection only) Indicators
    line output level: power on Noise cancellation enabled Channel 1 overload Channel 2 overload

    Dimensions: L165mm x W78mm x D50mm, weight 0.38 Kg
    Unit made of impact resistant black ABS plastic


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