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The Signature Edition embodies the experience that we have gained with the Magnetic Classic and the Magnetic Professiona l paddles, and it incorporates improvements that were suggested by our customers. It was designed to be one of the finest paddles using a “classic” architecture with right-angle arms.

We start with the same heavy base that we are using in our other paddles, and you can order it with gold plating or palladium plating. Optionally, you can select a titanium finish with a black base and a gold-colored bearing block - take a look at the Magnetic Professional key for a visual impression of that finish. The precision bearings are specially selected and matched, and they exceed the standards that are usually applied for laboratory instruments. They are concealed in the base and in the central bearing block for a clean visual design. The friction springs for the gap adjustments are hidden inside the contact posts. The cable connection is made through a 1/8” stereo jack in the base - so no unsightly cables are dangling around when it is not connected to your keyer.

The finger pieces are made of an anodized aluminum alloy, and we provide two sets: one has the longer geometry that our plastic paddles for the other Magnetic paddles have, shown here, and a second set that is slightly shorter. Some of our pilot users preferred the more direct translation ratio offered by shorter finger pieces - but since there was no clear cut choice we include both shapes and leave it up to you to determine your preference.


Using magnets rather than springs for the action has distinct advantages, especially if you prefer a light touch with close spacing. Since the moving magnets are imbedded in micro-threaded tubes they can be adjusted with utmost precision and maintain their setting over a wide range of temperature variation. The magnets on the arms are mounted close to the pivot which keeps the effective moving mass low and allows a responsiveness at high speeds which is unique for magnetic paddles. For that same reason the arms are made of a black anodized aircraft alloy that is very light but rigid.

Each of these paddles is personally inspected by Piero to make sure that it meets our exacting standards, and it comes with a signed certificate of authenticity that also records the manufacturing date. (each paddle has a serial number engraved in the base)

Once you have experienced this paddle in operation we are sure that you will join the ranks of our many enthusiastic customers - find out what they had to say on eHam ...


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