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Innovative HF transceiver with real-time spectrum display.

- “Best in class” real-time spectrum display: The IC-7300's real-time spectrum display sets the new standard for resolution, scan speed and dynamic range. While listening to the received audio you can check the in-band activity and quickly move to the signal of interest. At the first touch on the screen, near the signal of interest, the interested area will be enlarged. A second touch will change the operating frequency and allow you to finely tune.

- Real-time spectrum scope specifications;

- FFT analysis system : (fast Fourier transform);

- Scanning speed: Max. 30 frames/second (approx.): Selectable between slow, medium or fast;

- Sampling range: 5kHz–1000kHz;

- Resolution*: 1 pixel minimum (approx.);

- Dynamic range displayed (abscissa): 80 dB;

- Reference level adjustment: from –20 dB to +20 dB;

- Peak memory function: ON/OFF/last 10 seconds;

- Other functions:

- Average value indication;
- Operation with touch screen;
- VBW, on-screen bandwidth adjustment
*number of pixels displayed when receiving a signal at 60 dB level;

- High resolution "Waterfall" function: The combination of the "Waterfall" function and the real-time spectrum display allows you to obtain maximum reception performance from the IC-7300, thus increasing the opportunities for QSO without missing the weakest signals. The "Waterfall" function shows the change in intensity of a signal over time and allows you to detect weak signals that may be missed in the spectrum display.

- Audio Scope function: The audio envelope display can be used to observe various audio characteristics, such as the level of microphone compression, IF filter bandwidth, Notch bandwidth and manipulation waveform on CW. It is possible to view the waveform of transmitted or received audio on the FFT screen in "Waterfall" and oscilloscope mode.

- RF Direct Sampling System: The IC-7300 adopts RF direct sampling system. RF signals are directly converted into digital data and processed by the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array), simplifying the reception stages. This system is cutting-edge technology, epochal in amateur radio.

- New "IP+" function: The new "IP+" function improves performance at the third-order intercept point (IP3). When receiving a weak signal adjacent to strong interference, the AD converter is optimized to reduce signal distortion.

- Superior RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) and phase noise characteristics: The IC-7300's RMDR is improved by approximately 97 dB* (typical value) and the phase noise characteristics improve by approximately 15 dB (with frequency separation of 1 kHz) compared to the IC-7200. Superior phase noise characteristics reduce noise components in both receive and transmit signals.
*With 1 kHz frequency separation (14.2 MHz receive frequency, CW mode, 500 Hz IF bandwidth).

- 15 different bandpass filters: The IC-7300 has 15 different RF bandpass filters. The RF signal passes only the active bandpass filter, while any other out-of-range signal is rejected. High Q (coefficient of merit) coils are used to minimize losses in the RF bandpass filters.

- Integrated antenna tuner: The antenna tuner stores settings on your operating frequencies, so it can quickly tune when you change bands. The "Forced Tuning" function (Do not use the "Forced Tuning" function, except in an emergency situation. Transmission power may be reduced.) allows you to tune a wide range of "temporary" antennas.

- Large color touch screen, TFT LCD: The large 4.3" TFT LCD color screen allows intuitive operations. Using the software commands that appear on the touch screen, easily set the various functions and edit the contents of the memories.

- Multifunctional knob, easy operation: The combination of the multifunctional knob with the touch screen allows for quick and easy operation. When you press the multifunction knob, menu items appear on the right side of the screen. You can select a menu item by touching the screen and adjust the setting by rotating the multifunction knob.

- Superior audio quality: To achieve superior audio performance, a new speaker model was used, placed in a dedicated space in the die-cast aluminum frame.

- SD memory card slot for saving data : The IC-7300 can record many contents such as transmitted and received audio, voice memories, RTTY / CW memories, RTTY decoding records and captured screen images to an SD card. Personal data and firmware updates (resident operating program) can also be stored on the SD card to facilitate settings.

- Other functions and features:

- New HM-219 palm microphone supplied;

- Effective cooling system with large fan;

- Multifunctional tool;

- 101 memory channels (99 normal, 2 for scan limits);

- RS-BA1, optional remote control program via IP (you can see the spectrum screen with "waterfall");

- CW functions: full break-in, reverse CW, CW auto tuning;

Supplied with: HM-219 palm microphone, DC power cable, spare fuses and user manual;


0022262 of 03/29/16


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rating 5
Ottimo prodotto in relazione al costo
Icom ic 7300
rating 5
Sono contento del 7300 e un bel apparato anche se ho ancora
Ottimo prodotto.
rating 5
Il prodotto è pervenuto in tempi brevi ed in un accurato imballaggio.
Il trasmettitore è in prova per mancanza di una ottima antenna idonea ma, tutto funziona alla perfezione.
Icom IC-7300: una conferma
rating 5
Dopo aver valutato diverse opzioni per il rinnovo parziale della mia stazione, e dopo alcune prove, la scelta è caduta su questo modello della Icom. Abbinato ad un sintonizzatore automatico mAT-180H, sicuramente con un range di funzionamento di gran lunga superiore al sistema interno, è risultato perfetto per le mie esigenze superando le limitazioni della mia End-Fed bibanda. Già il primo giorno effettuati con soddisfazione QSO in fonia e dati. (nota: entrambi Icom e mAT acquistati da Hamradioshop)

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