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    Webswitch 1216H2 -  Extended functionality

Webswitch 1216H2 - Extended functionality

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WebSwitch 1216H-2 remote controlled switch with 5 relay outputs.

Version with extended functionality for home automation.

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WEB-switch 1216H

is a remote controlled switch with 5 relay outputs 230V/16A which can be controlled independently via the built in web server from any computer connected to the Internet. It can also be configured as a automatic antenna switch connected to the radios CAT interface . It’s perfect suited for controlling coax relays, controlling 4-squares ,switching the Rig on/off or maybe the Power Amp. No PC is needed, like in USB switches, everything is built in the box and the WEB-switch is connected directly to the local network. An important  feature is that the switch is restoring the status of the relays after a power failure. The relay statuses is indicated by LED:s. The settings is optionally password protected. Apps for mobiles are available for Iphone, Android and Windows Phone.

More information about the webswitch is available at www.webswitch.se



Web Rotator Control Unit

To create a web based rotator control it’s possible to connect a Rotator control Unit (RCU) to the Webswitch 1216H. The RCU is connected via the 1-wire bus to the webswitch. The RCU has three 16A relays for CW and CCW rotation and for break control. For the the azimuth (direction) reading there is  A/D input which handles 0-7,5V or 0-15V. The A/D input is fully issolated. The RCU can be connected to most of the current available rotators  and rotating tower controls. The indicatior can be calibrated every 30 degrees to handle potentiometers which is not linear.

When using the Webswitch 1216H and the RCU 1216L you do not need to use the RRC-serial ports for rotator control.

For more info check the RCU 1216L page.



Webbased  Rotator Control

With a RS-232 Adapter cable 1216S you can connect the Webswitch 1216H direct to your Prosistel, AlfaSpid, Green Heron, ERC, DCU-1, Idiom Press or Yeasu GS-232B based Rotator Control box and get a Web based rotator control.

When using the Webswitch 1216H as rotator control you do not need to use the RRC-serial ports for rotator control



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