Fotocamera da caccia PNI Hunting 350C 12MP con Internet 3G, SMS, invio foto in movimento al telefono, e-mail, FTP

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Movement sensors

The PNI Hunting 350C hunting camera can be triggered by motion, detected by a very sensitive passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor, high quality images (static images up to 12MP) or videos saved on the SD card.


Send photo via email

The camera sends 12MP photos (4000x3000 px) by email. It can take up to 5 consecutive pictures in 5 seconds. The minimum time distance between 2 pictures sent can be 40 seconds.

sequence images


Color screen

The camera / video has a built-in 2 inch color screen to view photos and videos.

Visibility at night

Hunting chamber PNI Hunting 350C it has 56 infrared LEDs (25 LEDs at the top and 31 at the bottom), so the visibility at night reaches up to 20 m away. The camera's IR LEDs, although lit up, are invisible at night to both humans and animals.



The room is ideal for the surveillance of a warehouse or the monitoring of wild animals, due to its camouflage appearance. It is built to be windproof. Also, this is waterproof, IP54.

Camera 12 MP

With the help of the programmable resolution, the size of a picture may differ, reaching 5MP / 8MP / 12MP.

12 sqm


Full HD resolution

In addition, with the built-in 3G mode, with a 3G SIM card, it sends large photos (1920x1440) to email and the FTP server and MMS photos (640x480) to the mobile phone. With the free APP (for both Android and iOS devices) , the user can make basic camera settings and get real-time images from the remote APP.

- Add the phone number of the card in the Smartphone Trail Camera application.

- Copy the settings below, and only change the phone numbers and the email address, with those held by you.

- Send the settings to the camera by pressing the send button.

- The camera will respond with an SMS " SMS commands executed successfully! "

- Give the order from the Get a picture application: you will receive the same sms, and an email with the picture taken by the camera.


- If it does not work, it means that the product has no GSM signal - and the camera must be taken out in the open field and at least 2 signal lines will appear. Check the settings in the room at the same time, carefully checking the product manual.



The PNI Hunting 350C can work with either 4 or 8 AA alkaline batteries, as indicated inside the housing, or with 12V power from a separate power supply or larger external battery.


Remote control

The PNI 350C camera can receive commands from the dedicated application for Android and iOS: TrailCamera. You can thus order and receive a picture from the room at that time, or you can make some essential settings in the room using it. Of course, the camera must have a functional GSM SIM card with available mobile data and SMS.

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