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Begali - Graciella

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This key is available as a special order only. Please contact us for price and availability.

The Graciella Vertical Key was designed to be the ultimate vertical dual-lever paddle. The feedback from CW experts around the world and the experience that we gained with our other magnetic paddles have been combined into a revolutionary design of stunning beauty.

The Graciella uses the highest quality bearings, gold or palladium plated components, aircraft alloy for moving elements to reduce their masses and maximize responsiveness, micro-threaded adjustment screws for the contact gap and the magnetic tension, and a stereo jack for the connection cable.  The Graciella has massive 14k gold contacts for the ultimate in reliability.

The vertical architecture allows us to reduce the dimensions of the moving elements and their masses, while retaining the ideal leverage ratio for optimum tactile feedback. The mechanism is mounted on a vertical “wall” that slides inside a channel in the base for height adjustment.  The spacing of the finger pieces can be adjusted with a conical backstop for the levers.  This complete flexibility to adjust the position of the finger pieces is accomplished without compromising the mechanical robustness of this key.

Although the footprint is only 3x3 inches, smaller than our other paddles, this is a heavy key, weighing in at about 3.5 pounds - so you can be sure that it won’t walk around on your table. That weight is the result of heavy duty components that were designed for a lifetime of reliable service.

      />                                                                </span></span></p>  <p><span style=The base shape of the original Graciella was designed to minimize the footprint on your table. If your personal keying style demands that you have a little more space around the finger pieces, you can order the key with the optional wide base.  (you can order the base alone separately if you already have a Graciella with a narrow base.)

      />                                </span></span></p>  <p><span style=As an option, as shown in the photos above, you can order the finger pieces of the Graciella with mother of pearl inlays that not only look beautiful but also are warmer to the touch than the aluminum alloy of the standard finger pieces.   The finger pieces are easily replaceable, so you can also order these optional finger pieces at a later time or even replace them with something of your own design.  For an additional personal touch you can also ask to have your call sign engraved.

Each of these paddles is personally inspected by Piero to make sure that it meets our exacting standards for quality and workmanship that you can be proud of.

This key is available as a special order only. Please

contact us for price and availability.

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