Antenna CB PNI Led 2000 lunghezza 90 cm e base magnetica PNI 145/PL

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PNI-LED2000 - CB antenna PNI led 2000 length 90 cm, 26-28 MHz, compatible with PL259 plug, illuminates during transmission

LED coil

PNI LED 2000 brings an innovative element in the field of CB antennas: the antenna coil lights up when the station emits. The higher the emission power, the higher the light intensity of the LED.




The performance of the PNI LED 2000 antenna is closely related to the technical characteristics of the antenna in ideal mounting and use conditions: SWR <1.2: 1, maximum applied power 500 W, impedance 52 Ohms, stainless steel, etc.

Communication distance

Communication distance is another decisive factor when it comes to choosing a CB antenna. Thus, the maximum communication distance of 10 km is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with the maximum legally allowed power of 4W and with a standard reception. Any obstacle such as hills, mountains, buildings can reduce this distance.




Antenna length is another important factor that can influence communication distance. Thus, the longer the antenna, the longer the range. PNI LED 2000 has a length of 90 cm (coil + spike).

Necessary accessories

In order to use PNI LED 2000 antenna you have to meet the following system requirements:

- a magnetic base PL with cable long enough to mount the antenna on the dome of the car and the PL259 socket for connecting the antenna to the CB station.

- or a fixed support mounted on the car / truck with mounting and connection cable to the station such as the PNI T601 connection cable.


PNI-145-PL - Magnetic base PNI 145 / PL 145mm contains 4m cable and PL259 plug

Magnetic base

The PNI 145 / PL magnetic base has a diameter of 145 mm, a size that gives the antenna stability even at high speeds, with a pleasant design.

Magnetic base PNI 145 / PL diameter 145mm

Magnetic base PNI 145 / PL 145mm

Threaded fastening

The PNI145 / PL base is compatible with antennas that have an internal thread clamping system.

Cable length

Cable length is an important factor in choosing a magnetic base. The base from PNI 145 / PL has a quality cable with a length of 4 m, which allows the placement of the antenna on the dome of the car without any problem, and the placement of the cable so as not to disturb the passengers.

Magnetic base PNI 145 / PL

Magnetic base PNI 145 / PL 145mm

Strong magnet

The PNI145 / PL base has a strong magnet for its size, which gives it a very good grip on the car's dome, and resistance and stability even at high speeds.

PL259 plug

The PNI 145 / PL magnetic base is equipped with RG58 coaxial cable and PL259 socket for direct connection to the station.

magnetic base with thread, cable and plug

Rubber support

Rubber support included

To protect the car's dome from possible scratches, but without affecting the operation of the antenna in optimal parameters, the 145 / PL magnetic base is provided with a thin and resistant rubber support, which also protects the connections and solders inside it from water.

C.B. Veicolari
C.B. Veicolari
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